I'm having trouble formatting my job posting. Can you help?
Of course, we'd be happy to. Simply send us an email to hello@shuksanboards.com and we'll be happy to help you with getting your job online. Please note, that copying and pasting from Word usually works fine. However, if you're having some trouble with this, you can try to first paste your job details into a plain text file, and then copy and paste from that.

Can I get a discount if I post more than one job?
When you go to the Post Job page, you will see an option to purchase a job. Yes, we will also post the jobs for you! Email us at hello@shuksanboards.com and we will get to work!

How can I edit my job posting?
Reach out to us at anytime and we will have your job edited within 6 hours. Email us here and please leave us the url of your job posting and your company name.

How long are jobs online for?
Jobs stay online for 30 days. Once you post your job, you can close your job before the 30 days if you fill the position. If you need to close your job posting email us hello@shuksanboards.com.

How can I get a receipt for my job posting?
As soon as your job is posted we will send you an email that will include a receipt for your job posting.